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2020 Year End Report

MVWBE Participation

Leveraging our Community Impact Network, MVWBE participation for Methodist Health System capital improvement projects was 32% in 2020!

% Target Participation

% Actual Participation

Active Projects

New Contracts Awarded


Methodist Richardson Medical Center

Total Prime Contract Value = $40,213,185
Total Committed Amount = $12,747,793

Total 2020 MWBE Spend = $12,886,793
Total Awarded Participation = 32%


Methodist Midlothian Medical Center

Total Prime Contract Value = $78,364,905
Total Committed Amount = $23,590,471

Total 2020 MWBE Spend = $23,996,039
Total Awarded Participation = 31%


CEO Statement

The year 2020 launched a new decade of cultural growth and a commitment to diversity and inclusion at Methodist Health System. Despite the emergence of a global pandemic and its devastating effects on people, families, and businesses, the year still provided a viable opportunity to redefine and rebuild the foundation for hope in the North Texas community.  

Impact Professional Group (IPG) started the year by wrapping up a successful project with Methodist Richardson Medical Center. The project involved adding a new garage and expanding the bed tower and operations for the already flourishing hospital. However, the project’s highlight was the reengagement of several minority-owned companies (or MBEs) that built the original hospital. Most notably, Skiles Group partnered with MBE and veteran-owned GCC Enterprises to build the garage and bed tower expansion. As a result, our Tier 1 partner Gregory Cody, President of GCC Enterprises, elevated his skills and experience.  

The Methodist Midlothian Medical Center project with DPR Construction is an inspiring story of how a team overcame significant obstacles from the onset. After committing to a minimum of 30% MVWBE participation, it was decided the project was ideal for a prefabrication design and build. However, after reevaluating the total spend, we realized the proposed prefabrication process would eliminate local and MVWBE opportunities, resulting in 16% participation. 

Therefore, we introduced a solution that created more MVWBE opportunities, which resulted in the partnership between Richardson, Texas-based Native Solutions and Polk Mechanical to perform the mechanical work. Their collaboration produced one of the most complex solutions in the entire project. They also achieved an unprecedented 47% MBE participation for the mechanical scope of work — the highest individual scope participation on the whole project. Our entire team celebrated their outstanding work, exemplifying another example of strong, qualified MBE partnerships.   

As your partner, IPG remains unwavering in our commitment to empowering every company to succeed and create business opportunities that foster economic growth in every community we serve. We make the most significant impact in strengthening minority businesses by removing historical barriers, increasing their industry value, and providing access to major capital improvement projects.  

I’m proud of how our partnership has helped MVWBEs increase their performance capacity to participate in capital improvement projects. As of December 31, 2020, we delivered 32% participation with 78 contracts awarded to MVWBE recipients of Methodist Health System contracts. These results are a prime example of how we can achieve such initiatives through focused and intentional collaboration.  

Partnering with nationally ranked Methodist Health System provides IPG the unique opportunity and challenge to demonstrate our support of small businesses and expertise in building strong supplier diversity networks. If more healthcare systems commit to being servant leaders that are patient-focused and diversity-driven, there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

Don Lee

Key Projects

IPG is involved in every step of the way, starting with the review of all bid tabs and ending with the selection of trade partners

Methodist Richardson Medical Center

Prime General Contractor: The Skiles Group
Senior Project Manager: Scott Simons

Contract Award: $40,213,185
Commitment: 32%
Status: Complete

Methodist Midlothian Medical Center

Prime General Contractor: DPR Construction
Senior Project Manager: Cliff Clark

Contract Award: $78,364,905
Commitment: 31%
Status: Complete


Success Stories

Featured trade partners we’ve helped.


“Ever the consummate professional, Don Lee and his efforts in the Community Impact Program has provided a great experience and great value to my company. We have been able to work on projects with IPG to build quality structures and establish lasting relationships in the industry.”
— Gregory Cody, GCC Enterprises


“IPG assisted us with working on capital healthcare projects primarily by coaching our team. Coaching our team in how to work with this client was very critical, understanding how the client engages and facilitates construction activities. The coaching aspect really helped us along.”
— Joe James, President L-Sync Solutions

trade-partner-logo-marand“Don has been a great addition to Methodist Hospital’s initiative to promote the increase of opportunities for minority-owned companies. He’s not only a mentor but also brings clarity to Methodist’s expectations. In addition, IPG holds the GCs and trade partners accountable to the true intent of the program which has the goal of the betterment of the local community.”
— Francisco Alvarado, Marand Builders, Inc.


“Prior to IPG, we had been targeting a client for some time and were getting a little of traction, but we noticed a shift in the amount of traction and the efficiency of that engagement after engaging with IPG.”
— Tino McFarland, McFarland Construction


“I was really impressed with IPG’s business model that qualifies trade partners for capital projects with their clients. They have streamlined the processes that they’re able to take the same model from client to client. Because they have a proven method, it has worked.”
— Camisha Farris, Anointed Flooring, Inc.


“Working with IPG has really gotten us to meet many people in our community, other businesses, and other clients–a feat we had not achieved on our own.”
— Roland Udenze, AIA, RenzCo Collective

Community Service

The IPG Team successfully helped with or sponsored several outreach events during 2020.

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